In 1999, three students from Eina Art School joined up to create a multidisciplinary design studio. An architect, a photographer, a space designer and a computer engineer soon joined too.

La Creativa was born: a work space where the synergy between the different disciplines generates great projects in the fields of design and communication.

The years have gone by and the people and activities have changed, but La Creativa remains true to its aim: to create clear, effective and aesthetic communication elements using design tools that convey a direct and comprehensible message. Whether it is a logo, poster, advertisement or video – a website, a chair or a museum.

Hug Cirici
Creative, Advertising Director,
Graphic Designer

Patrick Brentano
Graphic Designer

Sebas Bonet

Sara Villena
Creative Producer, Videographer,

Cesc Solà
Interior Designer

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